Student Connections

LSPA offers graduate students in school psychology many benefits. These include opportunities to meet members of your new profession, attend the annual conference, keep current with the latest news, and develop professional skills.

School psychology is a dynamic profession which is changing as legislation, best practices, and organizational goals redefine the field. Membership in LSPA opens the doors to participating in the activities which will form the future of your chosen profession. Everyone wants a part in determining their future, LSPA offers you one.

Student members enjoy all the benefits of LSPA, except for holding elected office. LSPA extends voting privileges, discounts on membership and conference registration.
If you are a student in a school psychology program, we strongly urge you to become an active member of LSPA today. You and your colleagues will benefit.

To help facilitate student participation, each university offering a school psychology program may appoint a volunteer student representative. This individual will work with the LSPA Executive Council Student Representative to promote student opportunities for participation and professional development, and to provide for the regular and reliable sharing of research, ideas, and information within their academic community.

Universities offering graduate degrees in school psychology and their student representative are identified in the Leadership page. If no representative is listed, an opportunity to begin participating in LSPA exists and interested students should contact their program chair to volunteer.